Dr. Shawn Hofkes

Dr. Shawn Hofkes graduated at Dr. Shawn Hofkes graduated at the top of his class, making the Dean’s Honors List each year while enrolled at the University of Southern California Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry.

Dr. Hofkes started his practice in 2014 with the aspiration and vision to create a business that is forward thinking, provides excellent patient care in a modern environment. His mantra is to treat patients like family. Dr. Shawn is proud that he is able to learn new ideas through his practice and continuing education like staying up to date on the latest dental technologies or new bone grafting techniques. He is committed to research in oral medicine and dentistry and has received several prestigious accolades. His publications have appeared in The Journal of the American Dental Association and the Journal of Radiology. He was a Stevens Institute for Innovation Most Innovative Research nominee and a California Dental Association Table Clinic; Clinical Science winner.

Dr. Hofkes is married with two children who are the joys of his life. He was born and raised in Wisconsin, and his parents still reside there, so he occasionally travels back to visit. He enjoys traveling, skiing, golfing, and reading. Dr. Shawn’s quest for learning leads to his hobbies of golf and skiing. Just like in the practice of dentistry, practicing golf or skiing and all its little idiosyncrasies can drive you crazy, but there’s nothing more fun than a good challenge and coming out of it stronger.

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